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About Xon Construction

Meet one of the most trusted names on the Perth building scene.

Established in 2010, Xon Construction has evolved to become industry leaders in character home renovations & new builds. Our goal is to bring quality, style and consistency to every project we’re involved with.

As recognised experts in boutique renovations, our aim is to achieve unparalleled excellence through high-end craftsmanship and a meticulous work ethic.

From the initial planning and design stages with our architect and designer, right through to final turnkey, you can be assured that Xon Construction will be with you every step of the way.

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Meet your builder

For more than ten years, Jason Tincey has been the creative force behind many of the luxury home renovations, extensions and additions seen around Perth, Western Australia.

Not only is Jason on-site working , but he’s overseeing the entire build at the same time.  Project management is in his blood, and helping his clients to plan, organise and manage their building project is one of his favourite parts of the job. 

As a recognised industry leader in boutique renovations, Jason’s mantra is to achieve excellence through quality workmanship and attention-to-detail.

“Designing and building are just part of the job,” says Jason.

“The devil’s in the details. And if you don’t get the details right, your project’s only going to be average. The details are what make it perfect.”

, Xon Construction

“For me, home renovation is more than just concrete, bricks & timber. It’s about creating an aesthetic that can be enjoyed by everyone,” he says.


A family man to his bootstraps, Jason loves nothing more than to create beautiful homes that reflect the style and personality of their occupants.

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